How to Play

There are two popular versions of Mahjong:

  1. traditional (Chinese) tabletop Mahjong, which is played with 3-4 players
  2. online Mahjong Solitaire, which is played by a single person

The objective of Mahjong Solitaire (which can be played on this website) is to eliminate all tiles from the board by using your mouse or pointer to select pairs of tiles with the same graphic.

There are some restrictions on which tiles can be selected, though:

  1. you cannot select a tile if there's another tile on top
  2. you cannot select a tile if it's enclosed on both the left and right-hand side
Additionally, a game might feature a set of 4 unique flower tiles. These are special because they can all be matched with one another, in spite of them looking different.


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Mahjong Tile Art
riichi-mahjong-tiles by FluffyStuff (licensed under CC BY 4.0)
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